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She Takes On My World

Books I love. by Natalie MacNeil What can I say but a heartfelt thanks to Natalie for recommending my book to her audience of women? I am glad she loved it!  It seems to me that economics is usually thought of as a male dominated subject (especially finance) but  my book has a definite feminine side…one that women can relate to.  (Just so you know many men have enjoyed it as well.) Let me quote from my final chapter… Well, there you have it.  A few big ideas and a lot of small talk about markets.  I hope you feel more confident during cocktail party conversations.  Even if these kinds of conversations aren’t your thing and you would rather discuss the latest movie or novel, there are still some benefits to knowing this material.  If you happen to be a women, remember that an educated understanding of a subject viewed as a typically male one is like fantastic underwear.  No one has to see it, but you can feel the difference and it changes how you carry yourself.  If you are a man, lightly chit-chatting on these matters with savoir faire is very attractive, especially if you know when to stop.  Cocktail Party Economics pg 168    

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