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Just a Compassionate Minute

As on most days, I got my shoes shined four or five times.  Not that they needed it, but it gave me a few precious minutes with a child or an old man who needed a kind word and a few cents for their work.  My car likewise was washed numerous times each day with the filthy water that ran down the street gutters.  Each occasion gave me the excuse to joke with the child who graced me with his industriousness.  Taken from Just A Minute pg 207-208 by Wess Stafford President and CEO of Compassion International Book group is this Sunday night and I am ready.   Partly because there was a mess up with my car and I ended up sitting at the dealership for an extra hour and a half which enabled me to finish the book and not feel like I was taking valuable time away from marking final exams.  This book is inspirational in a Chicken Soup kind of way except all of the royalties go towards Compassion International’s work with poor children.  I happen to sponsor a child through them but I just send money.  I don’t write letters.  This book made me feel like I should write to my child and make it more personal. That the input of encouragement from a complete stranger is as helpful as a monthly cheque.  I will have to think about this some more. To the quote from the book at the beginning of this blog…I completely agree that the marketplace is a place to help people and seemingly frivolous purchases can do great good.  Thus I get a manicure weekly from a place where the language of choice is Vietnamese.  The world is a better place for them and for me.  I call this a gain from trade.    

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