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Few  people would claim to know very much about economics, perhaps seeing it as a complex and esoteric subject with little relevance to their everyday lives.   Introduction to The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained by DK (with contributors and Niall Kishtainy acting as the consultant editor)   If I ever teach a course in the History of Economic Thought, I would use this book as a text.  I love the structure (I became a fan when I bought  the similar Philosophy Book) because it suits how I think. (In fact, my book Cocktail Party Economics: The big ideas and small talk about markets has a similar approach.)  The chapters are limited to one big idea,  with some pithy quotes from a famous economist.  I guess great minds do think alike!  I really loved their table of context (that’s right context not content) which puts that idea in historical perspective. Short and sweet.  Most ideas have a biography in a box of the famous economist who was the key thinker.  (Like the gossip columns in my book but mine are more gossipy.)  They also have a flow chart which outlines the main components of the point for a fast visual explanation.  If that isn’t clear, then old-fashioned paragraphs finish off the explanation.   Unlike my book, sections are colour coded with lovely photographs to complement the time of the idea’s genesis.  It is the kind of book you can read a chapter at a time and not worry about losing the plot.  If you read this book you will know more about Economics than most!    

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