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Keynes’ and TED’s Xcellent Adventures

Guys your report had better be something very special. From Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventures (1989) I am going to be part of TEDx at the University of Guelph with the theme Perceiving Past the Paradigm Since the beginning of the twentieth century, economics has gone through three episodes which are usually referred to as revolutions – the Keynesian revolution, the Monetarist counter-revolution and the rational expectations (or new classical) revolution. There are a couple of ways to perceive past a paradigm. One is to skim over the top of one model in search of another. Essentially start from scratch each time.  The other is to look so deeply into the prevailing model that you reach the bottom of it and then make the necessary changes to keep it relevant. I will defend the latter approach. Evie

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    I dvorsieced your website yesterday through Scope’, a New Zealand based website. I have read all your recent articles and biographical notes. You are a prime example of the joys of the internet. You have a fresh way of looking at the world, especially our current capitalist system. Your ideas on the economists’ fiction of limitless economic growth, the interest trap and the underappreciated illusion of money provide another independent but similar perspective on matters I have been considering more and more post-October 2008. Included in that prior reading/viewing are the movies Zietgeist’, Inside Job and Money Wars as well as various reading about peak oil ( Crude by Sonia Shah ), Collapse by Jared Diamond, Michael Ruppert and of course Noam Chomsky. It seems undeniable given the $13.3 trillion publically acknowledged debt the US federal government has, and the present stand off in congress over an increase in that limit, that the game is up and cannot continue for much longer. I find it remarkable that the mainstream media give these issues so little coverage, but focus instead on celebrity gossip etc. It is a case of look the other way’. It is great you are expounding alternative ways of being and seeing.Keep up the good work. You and these other people of courage and insight will make a difference by providing an enquiring public with a new way of seeing the world. First comes knowledge and awareness, then comes change.


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