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Predictably Logical

The Logic of Life:  The rational economics of an irrational world.  By Tim Harford
But rational choice theory is not merely useful—it’s also fun. Pg 9
Not many books start out with an economic explanation for the increased incidence of oral sex among young people.  It certainly caught my attention and it is the example of demand theory that I use when teaching first year students. It makes perfect sense to them. Tim Harford is a terrific writer and economist. He covers lots of ‘sexy’ topics with all of the rigour of a good economist and a background in journalism.  They include the economics of divorce, why CEO’s earn so much, and gambling strategies. I do suggest you read Cocktail Party Economics before you read The Logic of Life though.  His book will make more sense which can only make it more enjoyable to read.  If you really like this book…you are in luck—he has written three others, two of which are  in the same style. Check him out.

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