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About the Books

A little Economics training can go a long way in helping you understand the real world you live in. Assistant Professor of Economics Evie Adomait, along with her writing partner Richard Maranta, write simply about what can appear to be a complicated subject while never dumbing down the intellectual ideas which make Economic thought so important in this day and age. From the classroom to a cocktail party or dinner party, these books will help you hold your own in conversations about Economics.

Cocktail Party Economics

The Big Ideas and Scintillating Small Talk about Markets by Eveline Adomait and Richard Maranta

Table of Contents
 Making Introductions
 1 It’s All about Scarcity
2 Value: Where Emotions and Economics Collide
 3 Exchange: Supply and Demand, Take One
  4 Producing Wealth
5 The Absolut(e) of Comparative Advantage
 6 Supply Side (a Venti Chapter)
 7 Demanding Clients (a Venti Chapter)
  8 Market Forces: A Beautiful Kind (Venti with an Extra Shot)
 9 The Pursuit of Happiness: Efficiency and Equity (a Venti Chapter)
10 The Name of the Game (a Skinny Venti Chapter)
11 Getting an F: A Look at Market Failures
 12 Numb€rs: Financial Markets
 Conclusions: Tying Up Loose Ends
 Afterword: Rick’s Postpartum

Dinner Party Economics

The Big Ideas and Intense Conversations about the Economy by Eveline Adomait and Richard Maranta


Table d’hôte
Before Dinner Cocktails
 1 Introduction to Dinner Party Economics
 2 Character Assignments
Appetizers: Key Economic Concepts and Relationships
3 Measure for Measure 
4 Money is as Money Does 
5 Assortment of Gross Products 
6 Name Your Price 
7 In Labour 
8 Good to Grow 
9 Taking Stocks and Going With the Flows 
10 International Cheques and Balances
Main Course: Economic Policy
11 Policy Matters
Dessert Course: Economic Debates
12 Side Views
Après Dinner Drinks
 13 Concluding Remarks